Why am I so driven after the want and not needs

When a man holds his proper station in life, he does not gape after things beyond it. Man, what do you wish to happen to you? “I am satisfied if I desire and avoid conformably to nature… Epictetus

Why is it we forget the simple truth of want vs need, why is the desire for more so a strong in our daily lives, most if not more of us have more then we can use we store all the material stuff in garage’s or storage units, we are the riches poorest people on earth. What creates this desire how do we control it or does it control us, and why how does it  drive who we are.

We know the difference of need vs want but is it the sin of coventing what your neighbor has.

I want more for my family but in that wanting it, what is the cost or the sacerfice of time with them..where does it stop.



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